Friday, March 30, 2012

Boxes ...

On Monday I received a shipment from
Williams and Sonoma...yay on that!

and it was kind of a big box
so I dragged it into the den
and immediatley, Pippa Lou jumped right on it

I have tried to turn this dang picture and it just won't cooperate!

I had to get her off of the box so I could finish opening everything
up. And right away, she's back in the box.
Once it was emptied, she starting putting some toys in there
and by the next morning, she had plenty of toys and had
dragged her blanket from her bed!

I think one reason she loves boxes so much is
because Bella Boo doesn't like boxes.
So when Bella is being a bully, she can run and jump in the box
we call it her safe zone!
I keep all of theirs toys in a box because she chews up anything
else I've tried to use.
And she has always ran for cover to the box when Bella
is hot on her trail

so here's Pippa her safe zone!