Sunday, March 18, 2012

Backsplash ...

We went to see Elton John last night
first time we have ever seen him in concert and wow, great show
he is such a huge talent
they would zoom in on the piano and his fingers just seem to glide across and
play such beautiful music....great show!
Well worth the ridiculous price...haha

and now, back to the kitchen.....I'm sure folks are tired of hearing
it but we're getting close...
I've been having a really hard time trying to come up
with a backsplash for our new kitchen

I had thought all along that I wanted the rectangular glass
tiles in an assortment of colors....white, gray, black, stainless steel
but now that the kitchen is put together and I can
see it all, I'm just not sure

And I don't want to get something up and then in a couple of years
be tired of it. Don't think Johnny boy would appreciate me
asking for a new backsplash...haha!

Last Sunday Lynne and I were out shopping and decided to stop
in one of the townhomes in Short Pump Village....the open house

and there it was, in that kitchen that I saw the backsplash
that I want!!
It was done in the large ceramic tiles and laid out in a
diamond pattern...and the tiles were black!

My sister had suggested doing black to break up the white upper
and lower cabinets but I just kept seeing black subway tile
and wasn't really loving that.

But this idea, I'm loving!!
So now I need to get Johnny over there to see it
Dumb me didn't take a picture but really I think he needs to
see it in person

Hopefully, this is the one!!


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