Saturday, January 28, 2012

Curtains ...

As I've said, we have a few finishing touches for the kitchen
one being the curtains
As much as I loved the bare windows letting in all of the natural light
the sun was blinding us
We get the morning sun in the back window
and the afternoon sun in the front windows so we def needed something
to help with that

I had been thinking all along that I wanted something floral with a lot
of red and then some yellow and black
So off shopping I go
Went to the first fabric store and found nothing
On to the next one......didn't see anything
Which meant that I then needed to go to the 3rd store...the expensive one!
but as I was leaving the 2nd store I looked over at this rack that
said "50% off" and you know that caught my eye
and there it was....the fabric that just screamed my new kitchen
with no red! haha.....but it works

All I wanted was a topper to shield the sun

see my sewing machine above, I have had that machine for 31 years!

I may end up shortening the length on this one but I wanted to leave it up for awhile first and then decide.
I had enough fabric to make a table runner.
Jake said I was overdoing it on the "coordination" and being
all matchey matchey but I like it

and notice how I still have my Christmas chargers out
well I have found that I love using those instead of
place mats. People just sit their plates down on that
I need to find some spring or summer colors or black


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