Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas prank ... aka Operation Krank!

My family and I pulled off a pretty good Christmas prank this year.
My youngest sister, her husband and their 2 daughters decided
to skip Christmas this year and go to the Dominican Republic

and all of our family was very, very happy for them
we decided it was also the perfect opportunity to prank them
just as in the movie about the Krank family attempting
to skip Christmas...they were actually going to do it
They did not put up a Christmas tree but they did put up
a few decorations. So we decided they needed more!

They left for fun in the sun on Thursday before Christmas
so on Friday night, a bunch of us went over there and
raided their attic. We pulled out as many decorations as we could
and put stuff everywhere!! We tried to make it as tacky as possible.
My sister did end up telling us it looked like a 5 yr old had

We had a lot of fun....laughing and coming up with all kinds of crazy
ideas. We also took pictures of everything. Then we all posed in crazy
ways as we were planning all along to make a photo book
of our decorating.

They came home from their vacation on Monday after
Christmas very late......almost midnight.
We sure hoped they wouldn't be mad .... and they weren't!
They loved it and just laughed and laughed.
They even ended up leaving all of it up for their
New Years eve party!!

In the beginning, they were guessing it was a neighbor.
then they thought our brother
then they accused our niece
but the did not have confirmation for sure until this past Thursday
when they received a package containing the photo book.

So we all received phone calls from our little sister
it sure was fun and very glad that they saw the humor and
didn't get mad at us!
so below are a bunch of pics of our crazy decorating....

here's my niece Mallory carting some of the decorations
out of the attic

below is my niece Aimee acting all "evil" about what we were doing..haha!

Mallory and I were getting our cameras all ready

here's my sister Vickie spreading some kind of Christmas cloth on the back
of the sofa

and here's another niece, Abby, getting more decorations out

this photo is really funny .... they had these cut outs in the ceiling of their den as the pipes from the bathroom upstairs had leaked. So the cutouts had to be done to repair the leaks. And I guess with vacation that had not had the time to have these repaired yet. So my brother Tracy put some nails in and we hung some decorations from there....funny! 

We did not put their Christmas tree up...instead my brother went out in the woods behind their house and found this old branch. We stuck it in the Christmas tree stand and put a few ornaments and some ribbon around it. And the 2 black things at the bottom......I guess in their hurry leaving for the airport someone had left behind 2 dirty socks, so my brother added those to the tree!

and everyone needs a pot of ornaments on the stove...right?

Abby, Mallory and my great niece Victoria Ray went up to their cousins
bedroom and had a pillow fight!

and here's Mallory getting the camera ready for our group shots
we all gathered together for these and acted surprised, like we had been caught. We also did the "home alone" arghhhhhhhh!
the group pictures were the ones that we put at the end of the book

It was just so much fun and we were really happy that they
did not get mad at us and seemed to enjoy it!
I think the only thing we need to worry about now is will
there be any revenge!!


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