Saturday, December 18, 2010


People that know me and blog friends who have followed me know that I LOVE SNOW!!!
Love it.........I turn 10 yrs old when it snows!
and Thursday, we got some snow!!
not much....only 2 inches at my house but whatever, it was snow and it was beautiful. So many times it snows at night in Virginia and we never get to see it falling but not snowed all day!
I worked from home so I sat at the kitchen table facing the french doors so that's all I looked at all day!

Chrissy girl normally loves the snow but she had been sick the night before so she just didn't want to be bothered with it.
But little Bella Boo had never seen snow so she was loving it.
she would look up to the sky and squint her eyes as the snow fell on her face.

haha...look at Chrissy girl......she knows it's smart to stay by the fire!!


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