Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dec 2nd...

I've never wanted Johnny to cover our house or yard in Christmas lights
I always thought it looked a bit tacky
So we always decorated our home for Christmas in white candles in the window, greenery on the porch and around the door.
very tastefully done

But Johnny always wanted lights...lots of lights, colored lights and especially blue lights.
So I said ok...go ahead and put them on the fence only....after all, that's the backyard and the front still looked good. And that is what he did for the last few years.

You know how they tell you that you mellow with age....guess I'm mellowing out pretty good because I told Johnny this year, just go all "Griswold" if that's what you want. And that he did!

he has lights on the garage doors, a big twinkling snowflake, lights on the fence, colored lights on the deck, blue lights on the bushes and......fake deer in the front yard. Yes folks........FAKE deer in the front yard!!

And the first time that our little Maddox saw the lights, well, that look on his face just made it all worth while.



Mallory said...

love them! I'll have to come drive by one day and see them in person! At first I thought there were lights on the car in the second picture, but it was just the reflection!!

Christine said...

I am with Johnny...deck the Halls and go all out, besides, it's only tacky when you leave them up all year!...LOL Hugs a Everything looks beautiful...tell Johnny job well done!

Anonymous said...

Johnny Elf has been quite busy! Looks fun and festive!

LilliGirl said...

Good made him, the Mad Man and many others happy in the process.

Connie said...

Yea for mellowing out!! Yea for lots of lights!! Yea for a beautiful smile brought to such a special little boy!! Priceless!!

They look great BTW!! LOve ya, COnnie AKA also mellowing out in her Fabulous Fifties!!!