Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas treats.....

Every year I make goodies to give to friends and neighbors
this year is no different.......well, except that I usually have Jacquelyn and/or Jake to help me. They haven't been over to help this year....yet!

here is one of my favorites......Buckeyes!!

here they are ready to put the toothpicks in and put in the freezer for a little while. And see that awesome red candlestick it! Found it at
Home Goods.

and now they have been dipped and are ready to wrap in candy wrappers.

all ready to be packaged and given as gifts!



LilliGirl said...

Those are my favorite! I still haven't made it to Home Goods but plan to when out Short Pump way next week. I might just be in trouble there. :)

Mallory said...

I love the way you wrap them up to give! So festive!