Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday...Nov 22nd

some creative title there huh?
Last year was my first year of decorating before Thanksgiving.
I loved it
And I'm doing it again this year
I started last week

Part of my evening ritual is throwing a tennis ball for Chrissy from the den into the kitchen. (yes, this is related to decorations) And this evening was no different except that I did not take into consideration that I now have a little pup who likes to chase Chrissy every where she goes.

So I threw the tennis ball into the kitchen and they took off, collided and then slid into the little Christmas tree in the corner of the kitchen! The tree fell over and landed right on Chrissy's back....and it was pretty dang funny.


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Anonymous said...

Poor Crissy, and your poor tree! It looked like it was very pretty! Bella will get used to all of the festivities before you know it!