Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bad, bad blogger....

I try not to go this long without blogging.....
but whew wee....I have been so busy!
so you know, this has to be a bullet point post!

**My mom was operated on the 27th of October for her breast cancer. She is doing wonderful....and we all continue to be amazed by her strength and attitude. What a wonder woman she is!!

**On the 29th of October I received an early Christmas present...... A PUPPY!! and she is a doll baby. She is called a Teddy Bear pup....part Bichon and part Shih Tzu and that's what she looks like...a little teddy bear. Her name is Miss Bella Boo and I just love her.

**My Chrissy girl though...not so much! Though I have caught her playing with Miss Bella but when she knows I see her, she stops.

**And speaking of my Chrissy girl......she turned 11 years old on November 1st. She's probably thinking this is the worst present she has ever received!

**I will finish up my photoshop class tomorrow. I sure did learn a lot from that class. Where I thought I knew how to do something, I only knew the tip of the iceburg! Amazing and very cool stuff......

**Halloween was fun! All of the kids came over for soup, football and CANDY! Johnny had to work a double shift so it was really nice that they were all home with me instead of being alone.

**I voted...and it always feels good

**I have been taking a lot of pictures and doing a lot of editing. Now I only have 2 more sessions scheduled for this year. I need to start getting things done for the holidays!

** is Nov 3rd and my Halloween decorations are still up..haha

and let's close this post with a picture of my cute little teddy bear!



winter gurl said...

Ur mum are wonderful and strong women . May GOD bless her .

Ur puppy very cute like a doll :)

traci said...

what a cute little puppy. nothing better than puppies. take care.

Connie said...

We do have a lot in common. Thanks for your kind comments recently. So happy for you too that your mom is doing so well and you got a new puppy! She is too cute! My granddaughter's name is Bella! :)

Have a good's almost here! Connie