Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Thanksgiving table....

I just can't believe Thanksgiving is almost here.

Johnny boy and I went out last night and bought our groceries for the big day....except for the fresh produce. And yeah, that's how we spent our Friday night.....that's just how we roll.
I will have 10 for dinner this year. And we always have dinner at halftime of the Dallas surprise there! It's really nice to have everyone at the same table and the food on the table but it just gets so crowded. So we will have all 10 seated in the dining room but I'm going to place the food on the kitchen table, everyone can walk around it helping their plates and then come sit.
And because I'm doing this, it allows me to have a larger centerpiece. And I went a little bit country this year. I used my old Coca-cola crate and filled it with fake fall leaves and pumpkins. I like the just looks "comfortable".
One more pictures are looking "yellow" lately because I am trying to use my new lens with no flash. I'm learning........if you click on the picture, you get a much better look.


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Amber said...

LOVING that centerpiece.

I would much rather things be comfy and cozy than fancy and stuffy. And coke crates are definitely comfy.