Saturday, June 20, 2009

Channel surfing.....

Today and tomorrow Johnny boy is working a double shift.......6:30 am to 11:00 pm.

so I'm on my own all weekend

and I have shared before that I do not pump gas but I needed gas today so Jake rode with me and pumped my gas.

I worked in the yard and cleaned the house

then made a pot of coffee and settled down with the remote

and came upon the "Real Housewives of New Jersey"....ummm....New Jersey?

I could not stop watching it

While watching, I kept saying out loud, I can't believe I'm watching this

and then I fast forwarded on the menu to make sure I had the new one on Tuesday selected to record.

I know, I can't believe it either.

and just because post are no fun without pics, here's my little guy Maddox and Nicole. They stopped by for a visit today.



Calming Scents said...

sometimes its nice to have a quiet weekend. isnt it funny how sometimes we will just get caught up in watching the strangest stuff on TV? I did the same thing not to long ago with the Real Housewives of something--maybe its the same one.

Cathy said...

I hate to admit this...but I am copletely addicted to this show!!! COMPLETELY!!! I have watched the other housewife shows but this one is my favorite!!! The New Jersry girls are the best.

My secret is out...I love this show!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Kristen said...

My mom watches that show and I cannot believe she does, but apparently it is addicting :)

Dustin Becker said...

I love a lazy weekend with the hubby around. Sounds good to me. I love the Housewives of New Jersey too. Don't know why, just do! The coffee sounds good and your little Maddox is a cutie!

Getting ready to go to the beach for a few days. Hope we can get internet so I can share while I'm there relaxing because my days here are going by too fast and I don't know what I've gotten done! Yikes! Enjoy your weekend.


Connie said... son was signed into google...the last message was left by me... COnnie NOT Dustin.


LilliGirl said...

Yay, Jakers.