Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas returns....

Johnny boy and I had a busy day busy, it's bullet point worthy!

*We first went over to Ritz Camera as I could not figure out how to make my new macro lens work as autofocus on my camera.....well, come to find out, it won't work on my Nikon D40X! I returned it and ordered the new Nikon 50mm, f1.4 with auto focus. It hasn't been released yet but I'm on the list!!

*Then we returned some jeans I had bought for Jake to Kohl's and I bought myself some new shoes. Now I have to order him some from his fav place...Swell.

*Next up.....we headed over to Lens Crafters to get my new glasses. And pretty much, I felt like they were rude. I've been getting my glasses there since I started wearing glasses so I was a little disappointed. So I left! Went over to For Eyes and ordered my new glasses.......which took care of what was left in my flex spend account.

*Target next......just some hair products and laundry detergent

*Lunch at The Peking....yum

*Costco of course.......just some of our regular purchases.....milk, coffee, coffee mate, trash bags, etc

then home......and made a nice pot of coffee.
Turkey sandwiches for dinner
relaxing with some wine
and now it's about time for bed


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traci said...

sounds like a great day. you will love your new lens - i have it in the canon version and it's great!!!