Monday, October 27, 2008

The weekend and more pictures......

Johnny boy and I went to the Richmond Renegades games on Friday night....and it was fun. Two fights, pretty funny. The crowd just goes wild when they start fighting.

Worked on the kitchen all day Saturday.
The wallpaper came off so easy but the glue decided to hang around a bit more.
So I had to work on getting that off.
That product Diff, works pretty good.

Sunday all the kids over.
Big dinner and football....oh gosh I just love it!
Made that apple cake is just so good!

and now it's a bit cold here in Richmond, VA.
getting down in the 30's tonight.

Here's more pics from the apple pickin day.


1 comment:

Loreluca said...

LOVE the picture of all those berries. The perspective is pretty good! And who is that pretty girl? Beautiful!
Love Maddox's smile! Such a cute little boy!