Tuesday, October 7, 2008

it's been over a week......and here's a bunch of pictures!

It's been over a week since I posted......well, all I can say is life got busy! Here's a bunch of pics from the pumpkin patch, my kitchen hutch decorated for Halloween and the welcome wreath on my front door.

*I finished those darn steroids on Sunday and man I hate taking those things. It did make the pain in my knuckle go away but it's still there and sometimes, hurts just a tad. I go back to the orthopaedic doc in November. And those steroids, they puffed up my face or maybe it was the candy corn!

*Nicole, Maddox, Jacquelyn, Bucky and I went to the pumpkin patch on Saturday. It was fun even though it got a little warm. It's the kind of deal where you load someone up with pumpkins, they take 3 steps and then you only pay $20 for all of the pumpkins. We loaded Bucky up......he held 15 pumpkins! THANKS BUCKY!!

*And then on Monday.....I broke out in poison ivy! arghhhh.......and the only time I was outside around anything green or growing was at the pumpkin patch. And it's all the way around my neck......so I think Maddox must have touched some and when he wrapped his arms around my neck, boom.....I've got it. And I guess he's not allergic to it because he doesn't have it. And let me just tell you.....it sucks!

*Cowboys won.......they looked really, really bad but they won. And as "they" say...a win is a win!

*Desperate Housewives to just so freakin funny!

*Can someone PLEASE tell me when Lost is coming back on!!

*I dreamed the other night that Kayla and Jake went back together and got married...like right away! Isn't that weird! I guess that was just wishful thinking!

*It's starting to get chilly around these parts of the country!


Connie said...

So sorry about the steroids and the poison ivy....glad your Cowboys won. We are cheering on the Dodgers in our house right now. I tagged you for a meme over at my blog site....Connie

traci said...

love the pumpkin patch pictures. your grandson looks so cute sitting amongst the big leaves.

Amy W said...

Lost comes back in January...I know, sucks.