Saturday, October 18, 2008

Doing some fall stuff.....and picture overload!!

We went to Charlottesville's only about a hour from our home and is just beautiful. Besides being the home to the University of Virginia, it's also home to Monticello, where Thomas Jefferson lived and Ash Lawn, where James Monroe lived! A lot of history and some big, beautiful mountains.

We went up to Carters Mountain to the apple orchard. Picked Granny Smith, Red Delious and Fuji apples. And it was hard...because you're standing all slanted like on the side of the mountain. was cold! I don't know what the temp was, maybe around 47 or so but the wind was blowing and there were a lot of clouds so it felt really cold. But it was fun.....and Maddox enjoyed just riding around in the wagon with the apples. He thought they were balls so he kept throwing them out..haha.

After getting around 27 lbs of apples, we went to the downtown mall. It's an area in old Charlottesville where the streets have been laid in bricks and is now closed to traffice. A lot of really cool stores, some restaurants and coffee shops......just a pretty and neat area. We ate at some pizza joint and ran into one of Johnny's cousins. That was neat.......

Then we headed over to the more "modern" area of Ch'ville......and went to Crutchfields. They carry electronics and mostly just do catalog / internet sales but they have a couple of stores. And since Johnny boy and Bucky just love looking at electronics, we stopped by. And it was ok....just felt like walking through Best Buy to me!

Headed home around 3:30.....very, very tired!
rested up and then went over to Linens and Things since they are going out of business. Had to see what kind of deals they had......but nothing really. Just 10 and 20% off right now. I did buy a pedestal cake stand.

So now I have 27 lbs of apples!! what was I thinking???
Tomorrow I am making an apple cake, apple crisp and some homemade cinnamon applesauce.

some pictures from our day and a shot of my front porch with the beautiful mums that Johnny boy bought me on Friday.



Loreluca said...

LOVE the pictures, Nina!!! Love places full of history, too! It is just magical, totally.
You just have to post your recipe for homemade applesauce! This year we didn't go apple picking, but I can always buy some...
LOVE your red door. LOVE the mums and pumpkings... it looks so fall-ish!

Loreluca said...

PS.- i know I told you this before, but you are such a good looking lady. AND, you don't look 50!

traci said...

what a beautiful town. i would go there often. great photos. adorable picture of you and your grandson. i want your front porch - love the red door!!

Connie said...

What a fun day! Love the picture of you and Maddox. We have apple orchards near us and I need to go this year and try to make some homemade apple sauce. Sounds so good! Love the front porch and ALL your pictures.

Just got back from Chicago with over 400 pictures. We had a great time. Connie