Friday, March 21, 2008

I am a blog snob.......

I have so many favorite blogs that I check every single day. My list on the sidebar in no way indicates how many I check. And if my favorites are not updated every single day.........well, I'm just not happy! and look at me.....I've gotten to where I only post one or two times a week. I think that's just a bit snobbish of me! I'm going to try and do better. so here's what has been going on all week............
  • Went to Target and spent WHAT on Easter candy??? hehe.......I not only STILL fix baskets for my 3 grown children but I also fix them for Bucky (Jacq's boyfriend) and Kayla (Jake's girlfriend) and Maddox....and this year for my nephew Tommy. And what?? you don't fill your grandson's basket with all new summer clothes!! So Johnny suffered a little cash register shock while checking out but it's all good.........
  • Roofer came and fixed all of the loose shingles.....and that was my sticker shock!

  • 1st round of the NCAA tournament so far..........I have missed two! I was about to have a heart attack watching Duke last night. But in the end, they pulled it out and won by 1 point....whew!

  • Lost last night.....OMGosh.......I just couldn't even believe it and then the previews blew me away. That is probably the best TV writing ever!

  • Johnny boy and I are going to see Blue Man Group tonight........looking forward to it. Jake saw them when in New York and has told us a lot about them but still, I'm not quite sure what to expect.
  • We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs last night........WOO HOO to the grilling season!!

  • Tomorrow is my birthday.....WOO HOO to birthdays! I'm not going to lie and act all reserved just because I'm turning freakin 52....I love birthdays. I want presents!
  • I'm dyeing Easter eggs tomorrow and I will post pics because they are going to look so cool. The kids are grown but I just love dyeing eggs. One year, I took the eggs and wrapped them in cheese cloth. You boil onion skins........and let it cool. Then you put the wrapped eggs in the onion skin water.....they come out looking like they are wooden. It's so cool. The longer you leave them in, the darker the "wood". So this year is something different and I promise, I will post pics.

  • So glad to FINALLY hear from Paula!

  • I made that Apple dessert from Pioneer Woman's blog......the one with Mountain Dew and's absoutley wonderful. You seriously need to try it

  • I start my photography class on April 8th...

  • So here's one for ya.......I needed to take my Chrissy girl for her shots (my dog) and get her teeth cleaned. I knew they would need to do the bloodwork first and then I would schedule a few days later for the cleaning. So I called to ask them how much they were going to rip me off for.......ummm, how much it would cost. And she starts giving me the run down and I say.......SO, that's around $350 for everything. And she says yes. I took Chrissy on Tuesday and you know the drill, you meet with the vet and then they take your dog to do everything but bring you the "estimate" for today's work. Well, that "estimate" said $414.....WTFF.......and that was just for Tuesday. There would be an addt'll $327 for the cleaning.......making the total well over $700 bucks versus what they had told me!! I told them no thanks..........they had $184 just for bloodwork. 2 years ago when she got her teeth cleaned, the bloodwork was $40! They have been bought by another company who is obviously out to become millionaires right from the start gate. I told them forget it.....give her her shots and bring her to me!! Now I need to find another vet......

  • Do you know that Jake is 19 years old.........will be 20 in May and can't stand the fact that I won't let him look in the Target bags at the Easter candy. And do you know that Johnny boy is almost 55 years old and wanted his Easter candy last night........and he said......but it's mine! What does that say.........that Delaney boys don't grow up!
  • I didn't win that HGTV Dream home.........maybe next year!

So I think that's it for now........I will post pics tomorrow of my beautiful Easter eggs and maybe the Easter Baskets if I have them done! oh more thing......I can't stand Easter grass and I usually use the shredded colored paper. Well this year, I took some of my scrapbooking paper that I no longer like (you know, from the big packs) and I ran them through my shredder so that's what I'm using.



Loreluca said...

I am SHOCKED!!! 414 PLUS 317 for the cleanning?? What where they, brushing her with gold paste and toothbrush??? You gotta be kidding me! really shocking!
I can totally see myself making baskets for my grown kids, too! Cesar is 13 and still looks for his basket, only now the bunny gets him shirts and those kinds of things.
Green with envy here about the grilling, not warm enough here yet (I don't like gas grilling, HAS to be charcoal for us!)
Did you like the Blue Man Group? I was not quite sure. I liked most of it, but then I didn't like the yucky parts!
Very happy to read your blog, my friend! And thanks so much for caring!!! You are just such a sweet, sweet lady!

Catwoman said...

Wow, that cleaning cost sounds insane to me too!

Those "wooden" eggs sound REALLY cool!!!! I'll have to try that next year!

Can't wait to hear your review of the Blue Man Group!