Thursday, November 15, 2007

just stuff.........

It's been a very, very busy week at work on a project I'm not liking and at home with shopping and painting. I am so on track to finish my shopping by Dec 1st. Yeah me!

  • been working on the foyer with the help of Johnny and my nephew Tommy. We still need to do the trim which will be a glossy white. This color is Whipped Apricot. I really like how it's turning out
  • last night Johnny and I went to the Little Gym to watch our grandson Maddox take his class. He was a little surprised to see us there but every time he did something new, he would turn to us and just grin. And then my heart would melt

  • look at these cute Christmas dessert plates and mugs......I love them. And what a deal.....found them at Costco the other night for ONLY $14.99. I have some sort of weird obsession with dishes nowadays......I just can't stop buying them.

  • picture of one of the trees in the front yard the other morning when the fog was thick. And the closer I got to work, the thicker it the point that I couldn't really see good to merge I just eased over figuring someone would blow their horn if I was really messing up!

  • a little bit of fall for Shay........I know she doesn't get to see these pretty leaves in Texas and loves Virginia in the fall of the year!

    and that's it......I have so much to do before Thanksgiving. Need to finish the foyer, clean the house and go grocery shopping and then the real fun begins...........decorating for Christmas. I can't wait!!



traci said...

the color of your foyer is beautiful. you are doing a great job. cute dishes - i have never been to costco - i think i need to make a trip there.

Cheryl Wray said...

I LOVE dishes too!!!! but I'm even worse with stemware. I LOVE all stemmed glasses!!!!

The pics of Maddox are too cute!!!

And gorgeous tree!!!!

Loreluca said...

LOVE those dishes! But even better, that picture of the embrace of Maddox is heartwarming! The fall pix are also AWESOME. I'm just green with envy on the shopping end... i haven't even started yet!!!

Catwoman said...

Those dishes are adorable!!

I love the color, and I still love that name! I'd use that name in every conversation if I were you like "we are having beautiful weather. you know what else is beautiful? The whipped apricot color we painted the foyer."

I miss fall too... Thanks for sharing the pictures of one of my favorite seasons.

LillyGirl said...

Beutiful color in the foyer! It's always amazing to me how a fresh coat of paint brightens up so much. Maddox looks so good. He's such a cutie...And I get the cleaning part. I spend most of the day Saturday doing the same. :)