Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Outer Banks of NC ....

I love the's my place
it's where I am the happiest

Johnny and I rode down on Thursday March 9th after work
got down there about 8:30 so went over
to Mama Kwans and had a great dinner at the bar
best fish tacos
then checked in to our hotel

the next morning Jacquelyn, Bucky, Declan and Avery arrived
we went over to Bob's Grill for breakfast
first we went to Millers, closed for cleaning and upgrades
Then went to the Nags Head Pier, also closed for upgrades
a lot of the places down there will close up for a month
or two in the winter for deep cleaning, repairs, etc.

after breakfast we headed over to Food Lion to pick
up some bottled waters, beer, snacks
then we went out on the beach....
looking for purple shells, oyster shells and sea glass

Declan and Avery Grace love sifting through the sand
looking for shells and sea glass

a little later on Lynne arrived so we all went to Tortugas for
a late lunch. Was super nice outside when we arrived
but while in there the cold front started moving in
the wind was blowing so hard you could see the sand
flying through the air
we came out of there and wow, it was COLD

we ended up going to Mama Kwans again as
Bucky and Jacquelyn really wanted to eat there
fine by us, we love it


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