Thursday, March 16, 2017

More OBX ...

On Saturday we really wanted to go out on
the beach but with the wind, it was so cold

we tried a new to us restaurant for breakfast
Grits Grill
it was delicious!!

afterward Declan went with Lynne and Tom to do
some 4 wheelin on the beach
they were hoping to see the wild horses but no luck

Johnny, Bucky, Jacquelyn, Avery and I went shopping
at the outlet mall

lots of great deals
then we went riding around
then back to the hotel to try and warm up some
very, very cold

being silly at breakfast

Jacquelyn was trying to get a picture of Avery with her
new sunglasses. She kept looking up so Jacq told her
to look down.....but instead she squatted down, so cute

Declan hiding in the hotel room

I think we were all just so cold we didn't feel like leaving
our hotel rooms so we ordered take out
Jacquelyn and her crew got Mama Kwans again! haha
Johnny and I got subs from Stop and Shop

another fun day for us on the Outer Banks despite the cold


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