Monday, March 10, 2014

Declan turns one .....

Time goes by so fast, too fast
Hard to believe that a year ago we welcomed
Declan Liam to the world
And on Saturday we celebrated his first birthday
Jacquelyn and Bucky threw his party at our house as they were
expecting around 50 guest
They had been planning this party for a few months
It was to be a baseball theme with the food being items
you would get at a concession stand....cute!!
here's Declan just out of the bathtub before his guest arrive
We printed up pictures of Declan and strung them across the
kitchen hutch
here's my March chalkboard......
Jacquelyn bought his decorations from the same Etsy shop
that did the cute!!
She also bought his cute outfit from an Etsy shop
I didn't get a picture of the back of his shirt but it had his
last name and the number one
this baseball cake was his smash cake

delicious, fresh limeades......

the bakery did such an awesome job on his cake....

the "concession" stand had peanuts, popcorn and cracker jacks
a nacho bar, pasta salad, pigs in a blanket
bowls of bubble gum and twizzlers

in the foyer was baseballs for all of the guest to sign
Declan's "game ball"
and goodie bags of candy for everyone

more pictures tomorrow

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