Monday, May 20, 2013

Flowers ....

here's my annual post about my flowers in
the yard and around the deck
I probably could post the same set of pics each year because
it's rare for me to buy anything different .. ha!
but I buy what I know will grow best in and around our house
and most of my plants are perennials so they just come back
each year

first up is having to clean out and wash up all of the pots
and this is just a few of them!


I usually do not have much luck with tomatoes because the
squirrels love to take bites out of them
but I haven't seen many squirrels around this year
So I'm going to try again......

My peonies have not opened up yet ... I'll have to post a
picture of them once they do. They are by far my most
favorite flower

and my 2nd favorite are my hydrangeas. I love them so much
and love cutting bunches of them for vases
I have the large one that we've  had for awhile but now
3 more...they are real small right now


the clematis is especially beautiful this year

I love putting marigolds on the steps as they do
help keep the bugs away. They are a cute flower but
they do not smell good at all......
and here are a few more around the deck......

the grass is looking beautiful too
The only downfall is Johnny is having to cut it twice
a week much rain is sure helping it to grow
so beautiful. Below you can also see the pink
butterfly bush. It has done the best ever now
that we cut it down to the ground once the
summer is over


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