Saturday, April 6, 2013

Favorite hotel ....

I'm def not a hotel snob but I won't stay in just any
ole hotel
I'm partial to the Hilton chain (love my Hilton points) and my favorite is
the Hampton Inn

and the reason is......they def have the softest sheets, blankets
and the best mattresses.
It's the only hotel I can stay in and wake up with no back ache

I stayed in the Ritz Carlton in northern Virginia one time
just not for me......and don't get me wrong, it is
ultra nice! But just a little too fu fu for me

I was afraid to make eye contact with any employee because
if you did, you better open your wallet for a tip because they
would stand there and wait for it!!

While there, I heard a knock on the door, checked through the peep
hole and it was a little old lady in a maids outfit so I opened the door
She wanted to know if I needed my sheets turned down....I politely told her
no thank you. (Because seriously, I can do that!!)

A little while later another knock on the door, same lady.
I open it up and she asked if I would like my ice bucket filled or
would I like to have some "chocolates"
again, no thank you
she didn't come back anymore

I'm sure for the rich and famous or some people looking for luxury, all
of those things are great but for me, I don't need it.
When staying in a hotel, I just want a good comfortable bed to
sleep in and some peace and quiet!


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