Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New furniture ...

I have been searching everywhere for a table and chairs
for our new kitchen

I wanted a table that could be several lengths and
could hold up to 12 people

and I wanted 10 chairs with padded seats
and I wanted it black

But I just couldn't find it!
I thought I had found it in the Paula Deen collection
but when I looked at it, there was a lot of brown in the
wood grain and it just wasn't made good
it was a lot of that pressed wood, MDF I think it what they call it
I wanted a solid wood table and chairs

So after searching all of the furniture stores in Richmond I decided
to go to the unfinished furniture store

and so glad that I did!
they had the table I wanted.....solid wood and I was able to pick
out the style of legs on the table. It also has the center leg
for extra support. And...it will go 4 lengths!!
It can be 60", 84", 102" and 120"

And the chairs are beautiful....with cream colored padded seats!
It is being finished in the color we wanted, black onyx

so now we wait.....they said it could be ready in 4 weeks but also
could take 6 weeks!

that's ok......just relieved that I have another item
scratched off the "to do" list!!

no pictures for this post......have to wait for them to come in :)


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