Monday, June 18, 2007

we're back!

We're back from our week in hot, hot Texas. We really had a wonderful time and San Antonio is a really neat city. I loved the buildings and the houses are done in stone.....which were beautiful. And I didn't know they had palm trees! But the food......ahhhhh, the was awesome. I think I gained something like 5 lbs in just one week. So it's back to water and salads now! Johnny was fine with the plane ride but we did get pulled by security when we left Richmond. So much fun when they take you to "the room" and pull out the gloves! We didn't get pulled on the way back and I was glad about that. There's just something about being put out in full view of the airport and patted down that I didn't really care for.
Of course the best part was being with Shay and Dee and the rest of the family. And that trouble maker Jane.........good thing I don't hang out with her much or I would probably stay in trouble. HAHA.....Jane - you know I love ya!!
I'll post some pics later. I downloaded them to my storage site but they are not showing up yet.....I guess because there were 288!


Janace said...

Sounds like a great trip - even in the heat. Hey, does JD not like to fly? Me either - used to all the time but we had a bad experience going to London back in 2001 and that was it for me! You have always been creative. When you learn to quilt you can teach me. When Betty died I gave that ceramic Christmas tree you made to her son, Johnny.

Anonymous said...

just checking my settings.......

Shay said...

So now everyone is going to think that I wouldn't let you use my computer while you were in Texas because you didn't blog while you were here!

It was wonderful having all of you here. It's something that we need to start doing much more often.

We indeed have the best food this side of Mexico! It's a wonder we're not all way overweight!

I can imagine that the Texas heat would melt yhour camera! But on the other hand, if you had 288 pics to upload, that could have something to do with it! I can't wait to see them.

That Jane is an instigator -- Trinity is still "tweaking" my left breast!!! But like Diane, J-Bird, I love you too!

Last week goes down as my best vacation week ever!

Anonymous said...

no......Johnny does not like to fly. but he did just fine this time.