Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Staying organized ....

I'm a visual person....I have to see things
So even though our calendars are on our computers
and phones, I still need a paper that
I can see the whole month and know what is going on
it helps me to not overbook, keep appointments
and I can always look back to when something happened

When the kids were young we kept a big calendar
on the fridge and oh boy....that calendar stayed jam packed
with activities and reminders.
without it, I would have been lost

but now I only have to keep up with me, Johnny and the 2 dogs
So I now carry a planner with me
and I love it!!

for this year I bought my planner at Target
it's not thick, light enough for me to keep in
my pocketbook
I purposely blurred out some things :)


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