Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Bay .....

Back in January we headed down to the Chesapeake Bay
to spend some time with my Aunt and Uncle
This is my Dad's brother
One of my sisters and her husband, my brother and our Dad
along with Johnny and I headed down for a weekend
to hang out
It was terribly cold and a lot of rain
but that didn't matter as we were inside, warm and having
a great time

We played poker almost the entire day on Saturday
had a wonderful dinner and then, you guessed it, more poker!

Sunday morning we woke to such a great breakfast
hung out, looked at some old family pictures
and then it was time to head home
the weekend went way too fast so we're looking forward to 
hanging out some time soon
Thank you Uncle Raymond and Aunt Jean for such a wonderful
time....great family fun, fantastic food and some great
poker games!!!
and again, I was horrible at taking pictures.....I should have taken
photos of all of us but I was enjoying my time and just didn't
think about pictures.

Below is their view from the sun room.....who couldn't look
at this every single day!!

and yes, that really happened......3 of us with an A and a six

not a clear picture of me and my Daddy but I love it


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Mallory said...

I've been really bad lately about taking a lot of pictures. But I sure would've pulled out the camera to take a picture of those poker hands, too! lol