Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014 ....

We sure did enjoy our Thanksgiving
except that we missed Momma terribly
I dreamed about her on Wed night
I dreamed that it was Thanksgiving, I was standing at the kitchen
sink washing up some dishes and I saw her walking up on the deck
I went to the door and said....."Momma, I thought you were gone"
she answered...."Well, I'm back!"
and that was it.....I don't remember anything else
sweet to see her in my dream
We had 12 for dinner
and as always, we ate about 5:30, half time of the Dallas game
Despite an awful showing of the Cowboys, we really enjoyed dinner
and here's just a few pictures from dinner......I didn't take to many
This is me modeling my apron that Momma gave me last year
it has a inside pocket for your cell phone!

These dogs just know that they will be getting
turkey dinner later on.....so spoiled


out newest grandson John Thomas

3 brothers

Declan has become quite obsessed with trains.....it's cute


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Kendra Holeman said...

I love all of the pics. Hope to see you this week.