Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Finding Christmas ....

Friends and family know how much I love Christmas
but I'm just not feeling it this year
I'm having a hard time with the idea of Christmas
without Momma
I told my daughter Jacquelyn this and she said I needed
to do something "Christmas" with Declan and it would get me
in to the holiday spirit.
So for football Sunday, I thought I would get some Christmas crafts
for the boys to do. Saturday evening I went over to Michaels...they
have so many things to choose from.
here's some pictures from Sunday.........I think the boys
had a good time and it warmed my heart to have them over
having fun. I still haven't hit that Christmas excitement that
I always have at this time of the year but I'm sure it will come.
Like Jacquelyn said, once I start getting my decorations out, that
will for sure make me happy.
My November chalk board

Declan looking so cute in his new vest

Baby John aka: drool machine
only one tooth through but looks like a few more
are trying hard to come through

Busy working on their Christmas crafts

Nicole does crafts with Gabe and Maddox quite often
so they were really enjoying it

Our sweet Maddox suffers from nose bleeds when the fall comes...
the dry air is rough on his little nose. Well he had a bad one and it
just messed his little nose up so much. Nicole has it coated down
good with medicine so that is why it is red and shiny!!

haha........I love how John is looking up at his Daddy, so funny

you can see his little tooth good in this picture

Nicole put John's seat up on the table so
he could see what was going on. Next year he'll
be doing some crafts!

I asked Declan to show me one of his and he held it
out for each person to see, it was cute

Maddox's turn to show his work......

and now Gabe's turn....

they each did 4


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