Saturday, March 30, 2013

March 17th ....

March 17th came and went and I didn't think about something

I didn't think about the stroke that my husband had
on 3/17/11

On 3/17/12 I thought about it....wrote a post and cried about it
But this year......nope!
Did not even enter my mind on that day

Maybe the fact that our new grandson was just born kept it
off of my mind
or that I was starting vacation and spending it with the new grandson
or maybe I can't or won't dwell on it

whatever the reason......I didn't think about it

and the only reason I thought about it today was because I saw on
Facebook where people were passing around warning signs
of a stroke. And just a hubby had none of those
warning signs!

so I think this means I kicked the stroke to the won't
consume us! We're just enjoying life too much for that!!


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