Sunday, March 10, 2013

A new baby ....

A new little baby came into our life on Friday
March 8th at 11:51 pm
weighing in at 7 lbs .05 oz and 20 inches long
with some beautiful blondish / brownish hair
and big blue eyes
So very proud of our daughter Jacquelyn and son-in-law Bucky
 it's just so hard to put into words what grandchildren mean
but I can tell you matter what you have done with your life
no matter where you've been, who you have met, no matter
what path your life has taken, the good and the bad, I can
tell you this ... grandchildren are the very BEST part of life
they are your reward and I can only hope for everyone
that they get to experience that. I'm so happy that so far both
of my daughters have given us grandsons!
and here's some pics of that precious angel
named Declan Liam Mawyer

It was a long Jacquelyn and Bucky taking
a short nap....
and here's Declan just minutes old
we couldn't believe how alert he was....
pretty cute huh?

I love the way he is looking at Jacquelyn below
it's kind of like "hey mom...we did it"

Aunt Nicole so excited to have a nephew

new daddy Bucky so in love...

I'll get  more pictures up sometime this week


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Mallory said...

yay! I've been waiting for this post, even though I've already seen the pictures! He is just precious, and I can't wait to meet him! :) :)