Monday, November 19, 2012

Christmas is coming .....

I love the holidays.....
To me, it really is just the most wonderful time of the year

and I do not like to wait in putting up my decorations
I think the holidays begin on Nov 1st!

So around then I start pulling out the decorations
but usually do not get it all done until closer to Thanksgiving

It's fine if some people like to wait until after turkey day
but I group Thanksgiving and Christmas together.....the holidays!

I need to take a pic of the front porch at night
the basket, swag and small tree all have lights on them
I'll post "lite" up pics when I put up the trees

so now my house is just about finished
the only thing left is a few more windows I still have to put candles in
and put up my 2 trees.....everything else is done!!

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