Monday, October 29, 2012

Coffee bar ...

I'm sure you have been seeing all of the coffee bar
pictures all over Pinterest

I loved the idea of having one in my kitchen but just
didn't have room for the big ones shown
dang....I def should have thought of that when designing
the new kitchen

but I did have a empty space that needed something
 it wasn't a big space and I wouldn't be able to get
anything that would stick out too far

So have been searching around and I found this
at of all places Target!!
I went and checked it out to get the measurements
and it would fit perfect in that space but then I just got so busy and
didn't think of it again.
a couple of weeks later I saw it in the Target sale paper
on sale for $30 less!!

here it is......

it holds both coffee pots
and the shelves below hold all of the coffee mugs, filters,
coffee, spoons, etc
I used my old Mason jars for my
sugar and creamer. But now, I think I need something else
I'll keep my eyes open while out shopping

the other morning I came downstairs and there were 2 one dollar bills
laying on the coffee bar
I told Johnny.....look, someone left me a tip!!
haha......but no, someone had just left their money there for a minute

it's a one stop coffee spot!!
and freed up space on the counter tops!


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