Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Crab cakes ...

Johnny and I are down at the beach for a week
ahhh, such a wonderful time!

and while at the beach
we like to eat out some but also like to stay in on some nights

So on Tuesday we headed over to Austin's fish market to pick up
some crab meat for crab cakes

I normally make crab cakes with bread crumbs, old bay and a little mayo
but at the market I bought a packet called
Old Bay Crab Cake Classic 

the recipe on the back calls for mayo but I didn't have any and didn't
feel like going to the store.....
so I just mixed the crab meat with an egg and the old bay packet

they formed up great with no bread crumbs
then I go to cook them in the frying pan and the oil in the cabinet
had expired in 2011...haha! And it smelled old too

Again, to avoid going to the store, I just used butter
which was a little tricky as I wanted to make sure I didn't brown the butter

and wow.......these were the best crab cakes I've ever made!!
I don't know if it was cooking them in butter or using the "crab classic" pack
or maybe a combo of both but they sure were good
I will def be making them just like this in the future


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