Saturday, August 11, 2012

Antlers ...

My dogs chew up everything...esepcially Pippa Lou

you cannot leave anything out or you know it will get chewed up

and I won't buy rawhide bones for them because I just don't believe
they are good for their stomachs. I've just had too many dogs
get sick eating them and it's hard to find the ones made in the USA.

My spoiled dogs don't get anything that is made in other countries
it's just bad for them

Then a friend at work told me about antlers and she brought 2 for
for me to give to them
and OMG.....they loved them

So I went to the store to get more and wow, they are expensive

So I asked Jacquelyn's in-laws who live out in the country to be
on the lookout for antlers. they found some, dried them out
and then Johnny cut the sharp ends off

and now they fight over them, trade them, and hide them
and they sure love them!!!

here's a pic of Bella Boo enjoying one of the antlers and
Pippa Lou just waiting for the right opportunity to take
it away from her!!


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