Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Kitchen re-model ... part 10

Currently my kitchen sink sits in a corner on the counter top
right at the breakfast bar

we are doing away with the breakfast bar and moving
the sink to right under the middle window

I have 3 encasement windows and I've always had
mini blinds and curtains on there

So I had taken everything down as we get ready to prime the trim
and noticed how beautiful the windows look with nothing
on them. It made me think they would look great like that
once the kitchen is finished .... then we got up Sunday morning and
was BLINDED by the sunlight. Seriously, you needed sun
glasses on to get your cup of coffee!! haha...

We have stained trim in the kitchen and now that the cabinets are
going to be white, we decided to paint the trim white!

So I started today priming the trim. You have to use an oil based
primer in order to cover the stain and the smell is so strong!
But I did get right much done on Sunday
I injured my back Saturday so stopped priming early

Before .....

During ....

and then see that chair rail above .... I started priming it and realized
that the hutch going on that wall is built in so the chair rail
has to come down! haha....


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