Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Apple picking ...

A couple of weeks ago we all went up to Carters Mtn for
our annual apple picking trip.

We decided this time instead of having lunch at Henry's Restaurant where
we usually eat, we
would pack a picnic lunch and eat at one of the local parks
in Charlottesville.

So we get up on the mountain pretty early and the place
is packed!! wow.....

it's just crazy......only apples high up on the trees, crowds everywhere,
standing in line for the bathroom, standing in line for doughnuts, 
standing in line to pay for apples!
ughhh, enough is enough!

it's just not as much fun anymore!
anyway, we left and went down the mountain a little ways to the
park but with us having 3 vehicles, there were no parking spots left

then we head BACK up the mountain to Monticello thinking they probably
have some picnic areas...but no, couldn't find any.
Now we head DOWN the mountain and turn onto the highway
figuring we're up in the country / mountains, we're bound to
find a pull over or somewhere for a picnic
but no, we had no luck

so we went to the area high school, pulled around back
and spread our blankets out, unpacked coolers and laid around
filling our bellies and taking little naps
in the end......we had a great time!!

and now let's have some picture overload....

yeah, I told you picture overload ... haha!
next year we are thinking about skipping apples and trying the
maple festival.


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