Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Family news ...

I promise other stuff has been going on and not just
wedding stuff and wedding pictures!
stuff like .....

  • A new puppy.....Miss Pippa Lou
A road trip to Eden, NC for my family reunion ...
this is the reunion on my mom's side of the family
she is the youngest of 13
and this one was special ...our 75th reunion!

on our way there, we ran into some smoke around South Boston, VA. this
is from the wild fires in the Great Dismal Swamp which is south of us.

and of course so much fun with my silly nieces

5 of the 13 left .... some good genes there!

early in July I did a photo shoot for Odessa rescue
I have always had a fear of large dogs so this one made me a little nervous
but there was no reason for that....these babies were so sweet and loving!

Johnny is recovering great from his March 17th stroke
as a matter of fact, some people have a hard time believing he even
had a stroke since he looks so great!

Summer is winding down
we are going to do one more trip to the beach and
one more trip to the Chesapeake Bay and then we are
done with traveling this year. We will "hunker" down for winter
cooking, football, crocheting, relaxing......
I have some goals I need to focus on
photography...need to find another class and need to work on building
up my portfolio a little more
I also am in the mode to do some decluttering. I want to simplify...and then simplify even more!
Long time readers know that I have sworn off of yard sales...did one, hated it, vowed to never do another. BUT....since I am decluttering, Johnny said he will have one. Oh goodness...here we go again!

My sweet niece Abbey graduated from high school and is now off to join her sister Mallory at Longwood University.
One more niece to graduate!
My sweet Bella Boo is still tearing up everything in sight!
even though it has been hot as all get out.....my plants and flowers
are thriving!

the squirrels are still driving Chrissy girl crazy!

so yeah, I'm running out of stuff to blog about
maybe I need a break from it
I'll work on trying to come up with some things and be back
at another time


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Connie said...

I know what you mean about things to blog about...however, you always seem to have something fun to share. Love all the wedding photos....can't imagine looking through over 2,000 of them.

Happy Day!! Connie