Tuesday, August 23, 2011


today in Virginia, we had an earthquake
it was 5.9.....wow

we do not have quakes in Virginia
well, little itty bitty ones that know one feels
a few years ago we had like a 3.0 that just trembled a little
but today...well, it shook it up good today
I was working from home sitting at the kitchen table
the house started shaking and my first though was....
hmmm, did I over load the washing machine!
except that I wasn't washing clothes
then I saw the kitchen chairs start moving around
then I realized......EARTHQUAKE!!!!
I grabbed the puppy and yelled for the other 2 dogs
and ran out the back door ... leaving the door open
standing out there, you could still hear my windows rattling...

then I realized all of the dogs in the neighborhood were going crazy
barking and howling
my own Chrissy girl was shaking
the puppy...she was clueless

it was scary to me

I don't know how people out in California do it
Connie - how do you do it??

East Coast quake

and now we are bracing for hurricane Irene
well now, isn't this fun!


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LilliGirl said...

I was at work and loved it...then I thought about the potential damage and wasn't quite as excited anymore.