Sunday, April 17, 2011

Our weekend....

Johnny and I headed down to the Outer Banks of NC last Thursday
my sister Vickie came
along with our daughter Jacquelyn and her guy Bucky
and Bucky's mom Lynne.
And on Friday we were busy, busy with wedding things
we met with the florist, the cake lady, the wedding coordinator at the Hilton
and then finished up with the photographer.

the next day we went by the rental company
this is the place we are renting the chairs from that will be on the beach
for the ceremony
few details done there then our weekend was free
so what did we do........we went SHOPPING!!
I love going to the outlet mall at the beach....great stuff and great deals
here's Johnny and I taking a break

while out shopping the weather started taking a turn
the wind whipped up and you could feel the cool air arriving with the cold front
there was talk of high winds and tornados

So we ran our errands and ordered some take out
after dinner we started playing poker but kept the weather channel on
around 9:30 we started getting the warnings for our area
we were staying in Kill Devil Hills and the town next to us
is Kitty Hawk
so the warning comes across that if you're in Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills,
take cover now as tornados have been spotted!!
we were staying on the 2nd flr of the building so we headed to the ground floor
and went to the laundry room, which has no windows
and waited, with cell phones and pocketbooks!
so we went back upstairs
then...beep beep.....more warnings so we head back downstairs
grabbing our pocketbooks as we went
then nothing
back upstairs

nothing hit around the area we were in but other areas didn't fare so well
when we left the beach today, we passed by a path of destruction
from a tornado 15 miles north of where we were
then another 2 hours up the road, another path of destruction
A lot of small communities in NC and VA suffered terrible damage
and deaths from the storms
we were lucky
and here's what the beach looked like the next day


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traci said...

that is scary. they had terrible weather. so glad you guys didn't get anything.