Monday, May 10, 2010

Free drinks!

Liquor in Virginia is sold in ABC stores......they are managed by the Dept of Alcoholic Beverage Control which was started after Prohibition ended. State law in Virginia has only allowed liquor by the drink since 1968. Also, we are a "blue law" state and beer cannot be purchased until after noon on Sunday's........though I thought that had changed. Some ABC stores are open on Sunday and some are not. A lot of control around liquor....and that's fine, probably good.

But now, our ABC stores have been approved to give out free drinks! You know like maybe you're thinking about buying that vodka but wait, what does that other one taste like. Well now you can try it out! ABC stores are allowed to give to one customer per visit 1/2 oz each of 3 different drinks.  Which is equal to one beer or 1 glass of wine. These are being called "tasting events". And I know...what's the difference of being in a bar but it just feels weird to me.

Like we are home to Philip Morris and if they decided to give out cigarette samples, these health groups would be all over them, lawsuits galore and you name it. But for some reason, not much is being said about the free drinks at the liquor store.

just kind of weird



Connie said...

It is interesting isn't it? I like the law no liquor sold before noon on Sundays. Seems like that's the way it should be since we were founded on Christian principles and Sunday is a time for celebrating our faith.

Enjoy your day! Connie

traci said...

that is pretty odd. don't you wonder where some states get their laws.