Saturday, July 12, 2008


Went shopping today....couldn't resist buying our little guy Maddox a precious plaid Ralph Lauren button up shirt for.....get this.....$8.80!!! woo hoo
AND......for me, pair of navy blue pants, striped capri's, brown skirt, white blouse, tan top and 4...count em...4 tank tops from where else but the Gap. And I had my reward points, a 15% off coupon and combined with a store wide sale....all of that for only $120. Man, I just love the Gap!!

and here ya go......THE DECK IS FINISHED!! well, except for the steps but the furniture is back on the deck. Check out my new "free standing" umbrellas...decided to go with these instead of putting one in the table. Also, never could find new cushions that I like. I think it's probably easier to sell the whole sets and just buy something new....don't know really what I should do! And we finally found post caps that we liked.

one more thing.....I started my photography class on Thursday so I'll try to post each week my "assignment" photos.....though no class this week coming up as the teacher is on vacation.


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Loreluca said...

I just have to find a decent sale that is NOT scrapbooking realated!

Love the deck!

Wish I could get a photography class! I was going to take one, but I it was at the LSS that closed! :(
You'll have to teach me later! ;)