Thursday, May 8, 2008

who's complaining.......

I know, I've been a very bad blogger. And I received 2 complaints today that I have not been updating my blog complaint that my post have been short! So here we go.......what have we been doing........

  • There are no deck pics to post because the deck is still not finished. I guess I could go out and take some "during" photos but it's raining I'm not doing that.

  • My flowers look the best they have ever looked......roses are blooming, the peonies are getting ready to open up. I guess I could take some pics of them but it's raining.....again!

  • Saturday we went to my sister's wedding that was held down on the Mattaponi River. The weather was perfect, around 80 degrees with some wind. The ceremony was held up on the hill overlooking the river and it was very windy up there. The reception held in a tent.

  • Sunday I went shopping.........yippee! Found some cute shirts at the soap dish for the bathroom and new pics for the wall......found at Kirkland.

  • Tuesday was Jake's birthday so we all went out to the Outback! And someone said it was International No Diet day so I ordered dessert. (and I think it was Cheryl)
  • also on Tuesday, little Maddox had to have some more test done..........they had to hook up about 30 electrodes to his head and then wrap his head in gauze.......Johnny said he looked like Gunga Din. And he did not like it.......and cried...a.lot!! Johnny went with Nicole and for that I am thankful. Because had I gone........I would have either left in tears and been no help to Nicole or I would have removed the gauze and electrodes and taken the darling home.
  • and here are a bunch of pics........I'll post some more. My beautiful sister and her new husband, my daddy and my mom.....we think she's the queen!! well, in my eyes she is.


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