Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Oil and Vinegar ....

One of our local malls has an Oil and Vinegar Shop!
It's awesome.......they have an entire wall of all different kinds of olive oil and
vinegars that they dispense from. And they sell different size bottles
so once you purchase a bottle, you just bring it back each time and only
pay for your refill.
they have samples of all of them so that you can taste
before purchasing....great!!
And oh my gosh, they are ALL so good!!
seriously, I wish I could have that dispenser wall in my own kitchen!!

My favorite is the Basil Olive Oil and I mix it with the tomato
vinegar for my salad dressing......so dang good!!
I use the garlic olive oil for roasting all of my veggies!

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Mallory said...

Where is this store? I would love to try some!