Sunday, May 4, 2014

Easter ...

We always get together with my side of the family for
Easter but this year it wasn't going to happen. We all got together
on Saturday before Easter to do a winter clean up of our parents
yard and then for Sunday, everyone had different plans with others
so we skipped it this year.
We came back from yard clean up and lunch at Mexico and
I was worn out! But still wanted to dye some Easter eggs. Not sure
why I enjoy it so much now that my kids are grown but I do.
And all that I use is the dye kits you buy......but there's just something
about those colorful eggs......and then getting to eat Easter eggs
all week for breakfast!!
Jacquelyn, Bucky and Declan were at the yard clean up so they
came back by the house afterward and dyed eggs with me.
While the eggs were cooling, Declan
sat in his highchair and made an Easter picture with
a bunch of stickers I had

looks at the pretty colors.......

Jacquelyn had to really hold on to the egg because
he wanted to throw it in to the he throws baseballs!

Declan had so much fun playing with the plastic eggs

having crazy fun with his daddy!


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