Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A little more of Easter .....

Before dinner we had a small Easter Egg hunt for the kids
Since they were already going to have plenty of candy, I put
money in their eggs. I had 21 eggs for each grandchild and
wrote their names on their eggs so it would be fair and everyone
would get the same amount.
We had Gabe and Maddox hunt eggs first so that Declan
would see how it's done.......well, that only lasted a short time.
He was so ready to get out there and hunt eggs!!
I think they all enjoyed it

Maddox had fun hunting for eggs with his name on them

there's Gabe trying to find eggs......we had the hunt in the front yard
as to avoid the dog poop that I have failed to clean up

Declan really enjoyed looking for the eggs and he was good at it!

Grandpa watching the action......