Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Jazzercise ....

Here's my Jazzercise update....

I'm still going!!
and I mostly go 5 times a week!
Since April 21st!
Even I'm amazed

I have never in all of my life found an exercise program
that I have stuck with.....and especially this long

It's just so much fun
but besides that, it makes me feel so good
I really start feeling sluggish when I miss more than a couple of days
like when I'm on vacation

I have arthritis in my right knee
and it always used to hurt....always had just a little dull pain in it
but now that I Jazzercise, it rarely ever hurts

it is 60 minutes of non stop movement
you start out with a warm up song
then you go into cardio that keeps building up
until your heart is really pumping......
after the peak, the cardio starts slowing down and then
you do weight lifting and end with a stretching number

All of the instructors have different routines
and they change them about every 2 months
so  it never gets boring.
Some do a workout called circuit.....where you do 2 cardio
then weights, then back to cardio, then more weights

Another one of our instructors is starting to incooperate
more kickboxing in her routines
and I really love the kickboxing!

you are soaked with sweat by the time you finish
but you have just burned about 600 calories...woo hoo!!
I have only lost about 6 lbs because I have really built up a lot of muscle
BUT....I've lost a lot of inches
my clothes are so much loser and the best way to describe
it is.....I no longer feel "tight" in my skin!

My goal was to hit 150 classes by the end of this year
but with the holidays, I'm not sure I'll make it but I'll
def get to about 125 or 130 so that's not too bad


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