Saturday, October 6, 2012

Beach ...

Johnny and I are at the beach this first full week of October
we don't usually come down this late in the year
but his sister from Atlanta rented a house
and invited all of us
and you know I will not ever turn down a trip to the beach
especially the outer banks!

and we're staying on the sound this trip
which is really cool as we have a 360 view of water!!
and a beautiful house to stay in......this house is 5700 sq ft!!!

that above is the back of the house
I took this from the dock
the gate goes to the pool

below are a couple of our views of the sound
and please excuse the dust spots on the sensor in my camera
I don't have photoshop with me to get rid of it :)
but can you even believe these views!!!

I would just love to wake up to this every day!!


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