Thursday, August 16, 2012

Table and chairs ....

I can't remember if I posted the new table and chairs for the kitchen

but I'm posting again!!

I went to so many furniture stores looking for what I wanted
I wanted a black table, one that would go 3 different sizes
and I wanted solid wood
Well, after searching everywhere I found out that furniture stores
don't carry much solid wood furniture

So I decided to go to the unfinished furniture store and I was
very happy to find out their furniture IS solid wood

and not only that, I could pretty much design my own furniture
we picked out our table top, the table legs
the backs to the chairs and the legs
and then picked out the finish
because it is custom made and has a factory finish on it
it was going to take about 6 weeks to get it in
but that was fine with me......
and this table goes 4 lengths
60", 82", 102" and 120"

more than enough for all of us!!!

and yes, that's plastic still on the chair cushions! haha
I have now bought the scotchguard, I just need to find the time to apply it

I couldn't be happier with this set. And knew that I wanted to get the
bar stools from the same store but in red. Then the other day I received
a card in the mail that they are going out of business so I'm not sure I can
still order those. I'm going to stop by there sometime soon and find out.
and that's too bad about them going out of business...they have great
furniture, good prices and are nice people to deal with.


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