Saturday, March 6, 2010


Just some random stuff........
let's start with a pic of my Chrissy girl soaking up the sun...
and here's the word of the week
LOOK LOOK....look at my sprouts! I just planted these on Monday night. I put them in the empty bedroom upstairs that gets the full morning sun. I soaked them pretty good and then covered in saran wrap for a "hothouse" effect. These are all zinias. My other tray has not sprouted yet.

Thanks so everyone for the well wishes on my back. It's getting better each day. I would feel it the most after sitting at my desk all day but all is good.

The CAA tournament is in town and I don't have tickets ;(
Long time readers of mine will remember that I absoutly love attending the tournament but my work gave up their suite so no connection there. And I thought the tickets went on sale in January so I went online but all that was left were the nose bleed section....and this ole gal doesn't handle that very well. They actually went on sale in December so I have marked my calendar for this December to order tickets.

Johnny boy and I went to the Home and Garden show last night. It was ok...we enjoyed it but seems like the same exibits each year...nothing new or different. Then we went out and grabbed some dinner.

I am only 8 post away from my 500th post! I need to think of something good for my giveaway....any ideas? it's off to clean, shop and get my nails done.



My name is PJ. said...

Hi Nina, I've been away for a couple of days, so I missed your back problem. I hope it's better. The back is connected to EVERYTHING and you can't really appreciate it until you hurt it.

Your dog is soooooo cute!

Your plant babies make me REALLY wish for spring!

And I'm enjoying the word of the week.

Carrie said...

oh your sprouts are looking good I need to do some flowers my veggies are looking good!

what a cute doggie