Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Party part 2 ....

My daughter Jacquelyn and her mother-in-law took a 
lot more pictures than me and they were kind enough
to let me share those pictures on the blog

this one is called peek-a-boo Patty
you expect her to just open her hands up but no
she starts singing to you and them POP.....up goes her head
scares me every single time!

one of our son's best friends and our adopted son
Tommy as Waldo....

more pictures of the grave yard

Former neighbors....Bob and Margaret
so much fun seeing them!!

Tommy, Joanne, Doug, Bonnie, Lois and Gene

another friend....haha

One of Jacquelyn's good friends, Stephanie
and our son Jake

Jake and Kayce

Tom the Deplorable!

Tommy's wife Stacy as killer mime 

Creepy, creepy doll who follows you around saying....
"don't be afraid"
"I only want to hug you"

Tommy's daughter Sienna dressed as a Khaleesi!!

here's a better picture of the table

here's the mirror in the bathroom and it is motion activated
so then that creepy guy pops up and starts yelling at you
to get him out of there.....haha
this is the one that scared just about everyone that
went in to the bathroom

here's the zombie mommy holding her baby
and 2 other zombie babies sitting by her
she is activated by a step pad and she starts rocking
and singing to her creepy

another picture of the Dexter blood splattered sugar cookies

that's all

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Halloween party ....

last night we had our first ever Halloween party
and it was a lot of fun.
I can't believe in all of the years we have been married, we just
never thought to have one. Johnny loves buying creepy Halloween
stuff and one evening Jake and Jacquelyn had stopped by
we were just sitting outside and they mentioned that we should
have one.....and decided ok, let's do it.

So glad we did. And so now, I'm pretty sure there
will be a "2nd Annual Creepy Halloween Party"

of course I did not take many pictures....I just
really seem to get caught up having fun, talking to everyone
and then forget to take pictures but here are a few

I loved how the table turned out
I did a whole bunch of different pumpkins, not the traditional
orange ones but other colors, beige, black, burnt orange
and bunch of small candles everywhere
to the left in the picture are meatballs

below are garlic knots.....they were so good

here's a Pinterest idea and it turned out great
but then again, it was so easy to do

homemade gingerbread cupcakes

Dexter blood splattered cookies.....another Pinterest idea

We had an apple nacho bar....chocolate, butterscotch and caramel sauces
then white chocolate, heath bar crumbles, walnuts and sprinkles
for your toppings
Not pictured was queso dip, veggies and dip and salsa and chips
we also had a black punch, another one from Pinterest
and that was really good

Our son's fiancee Kayce did Johnny's zombie make up
turned out great

Jake and Kayce as Paul Bunyan and his blue ox Babe

Our son-in-laws parents as "The Deplorables" 

Easy decoration....glow sticks just laying around
I just thought it was fun

We had gone to the shooing range a few week earlier and saved
our targets. Then hung them up and had a "Zombie hunting
permit" sign up and some Zombie red tap across the area

that creepy girl crawling down the tree, she's a freak! 
it got a little windy and that was setting her off with her evil laugh
all around in the mulch area is the grave yard....with the fog machine

another creepy girl....climbing out the window

I had put out warm throws on all of the chairs in case the
evening got cold. The weather could not have been more perfect
but we still had a fire in the pit
this is before Jake built the fire for us

we had a creepy mirror that when you looked in it a skeleton kind of 
guy popped in your sight and started yelling "get me out"
Jacquelyn used halloween makeup to write this creepy message

I'll add some more pictures tomorrow


Monday, October 24, 2016

Oct 22nd .....

After the Apraxia walk Jacquelyn and I went out 
to run some errands and then met up with Bucky and Declan
for lunch at Red Robin

after lunch I headed home to relax.....had already been
a long day! I had made chili Friday night and all of the kids
were coming over for dinner and we wanted to 
make smores with the grandkids

Jacquelyn took the picture below from the upstairs pool room
what's funny about the picture, that reflection from
one of Johnny's creep Halloween collection!!

we really had a great time
and about 8:00 when all of the kids left, Johnny and I headed
up to JJ's, a local bar as they had one of our favorite
bands playing there, English Channel
So it was a long day but a fun day!!


Sunday, October 23, 2016

Apraxia Walk ...

Saturday, Oct 22nd was the second ever
Walk for Apraxia Awareness in Richmond, VA

brief history.....our grandson has a very severe case of Apraxia
He does not speak, he tries to make sounds and sometimes
he can but that's it. Our daughter last year thought of why not
have a walk to raise awareness for Apraxia. We knew of no one
that had this. So she thought by doing this she could meet other
families and build a community. CASANA told her you may have trouble.
They told her others had tried to have a walk and they were
not able to get it off the ground. 
But she thought why not try.
So last year was the first ever walk in Richmond. 
they had warned her don't be surprised if it's really small
and you don't raise much money
well it surprised everyone, the walk last year raised 
just over 12k and there were lots of walkers!!

This year, the second one, was not as big. Nicole was so busy with
a new baby she said she just didn't have the time to work
on it much. But was still nice, raised almost 4k and had about 
100 people so that was great. 
the 6 children there that have apraxia, they thought it was great
Our Maddox was in all of his glory!!

here's our son Jake and his fiancee working the registration table

Jacquelyn, Avery and our friend Debra worked the t-shirt table

here is my sister Kandi and my niece's husband Alex
Alex was so generous and set up the PA system for the walk
Really great to have family support and have them
just come to the walk

Nicole has a few tables set up with crafts for the kids to work on
Maddox had so much fun making the paper plate pumpkins

She has the event at the Sports Center of Richmond
nice to have indoor space especially on Saturday when it
was so windy. I couldn't imagine if we had to have all of this outside!

 here is Nicole with one of the Shining Stars, Brayden
He was one of the participants last year so we
all loved seeing him come back

here's part of my silly group....haha

Maddox's brother....John Thomas

Maddox's sister, Lorraine
I could not take a picture of Maddox's other brother Gabe
poor guy had poison ivy all over his face :(

Even the adults were having fun painting the Halloween mask

One of my little Princess'.....Lorraine, 11 months old

My other little Princess.....Avery Grace, 17 months old

our sweet "almost" daughter-in-law Kayce

My sister Vickie who was one of the volunteers

Another shining star, Katie
we made posters for each of them

Shining star Brad

Our 2 beautiful daughters